The Bassinostra is an Incubator space vessel, controlled by Mom and protective home of Shay Volta. The ship is outfitted with a variety of resources and entertainment, helping to keep Shay taken care of. However, Shay considers it a prison.


The Bassinostra is considered by Shay as a prison, but Mom calls it his home. The ship was originally created as to take Shay away from his home planet, stated by Mom that it was dying.  The ship holds many hidden passages and other features that Shay had not known about. The ship is transported to two different space locations  (Talon Nebula and Danger System 5) where Shay uses the boom arm to rescue creatures until it is said the ship is under attack by an unknown enemy and they must escape. Shay then works on transporting the ship to Prima Doom (tricking the Space Weaver by telling him to go to Puppy Planetoid, Cozy Cluster or the Smile System but then making changes to the NavScarf so they end up in Prima Doom). He does this in order to rescue more creatures, and because Marek told him they should leave. Once they arrive in Prima Doom, Shay attempts to save the endangered creatures there. The ship then becomes the target of attacks by an unknown enemy. During the ending of Act 1, it is revealed that the Bossa Nostra is actually part of the artifical construct Mog Chothra and it never was in outer space. After Shay exits the ship and meets Vella, she furiously tries to punch Shay but falls in and the door shuts, separating them with Shay outside and Vella locked inside.



  • Observing the cracks in the outer hull through Shay's room reveals that various features of the world outside are projected as different objects in the starfield.
    • Hills and islands are rendered as moons or small planets.
    • Clouds become nebulas.
    • Birds become shooting stars.
  • There is apparently a tube leading from the outer hull's mouth to a storage room.