Curtis (voiced by Wil Wheaton) is a character in Broken Age. He is a lumberjack by trade and enjoys flannel shirts and collecting vintage furniture.

At one point during the game, Curtis is cornered in his cabin by trees that come to life. They attempt to enact revenge against him for all of the trees he's cut down. He later stops woodcrafting and makes metal statues in Act 2. He also used to date Becky Yorn, author of the Riddle of Yorn. He does not miss her at all.


Curtis was originally a concept-only character, shown during the early stages of the game's crowdfunding efforts. Curtis was not planned to be included in the final game, until the community began to show interest of his whereabouts. Double Fine decided to revive his character and include him in the finished product.

Quotes Edit

  • "Oh man. I feel a stool coming on!"


  • Curtis is featured on the Double Fine Adventure poster, but in his earlier design.
  • Curtis is the first character revealed for the game, but was not named or specified as of what his role would be.
  • Curtis was featured in another Double Fine game, Costume Quest 2. He wanders around the first area, and his only line is "I feel like the trees are looking at me".