Dutch the Knife is a sentient utensil aboard the Bassinostra. He is voiced by Nick Jamieson.

Biography Edit

Shay found Dutch in the kitchen and decided to use him in order to follow Marek's mission to rescue lost creatures. He used the knife to open the door to the ship's manual boom arm controls, but lost his grip. Dutch was ecstatic with this development.

After the Bassinostra  crashed, Dutch believed he succeeded in cutting space itself. He soon encountered and tried to kill Vella. The two agreed to work together so Vella could proceed through the ship and Dutch could cut and stab as he pleased. He remained present throughout her entire adventure and appears to have chosen to join her back in Sugar Bunting. He's last seen cutting a cake.

Personality Edit

Dutch is very prone to violent behavior, eager to cut anything he can. In fact, all of his thoughts are consumed by cutting and stabbing of any kind. However, he claims not to hold any malice for anyone, merely enjoying his work as a knife. He gets along well with Vella, finding her tendency to use brute force to solve problems admirable. Hope claims that he's truly allied to no one and only works for himself, to which he agreed.

Quotes Edit

  • "I'm free! Free to cleave the infinite void of space itself!"