Hope Volta, also known as the Overmother, is Shay's mother and the real captain of the Bassinostra. She is voiced by Jennifer Hale.


As the virtual mother to Shay, Overmother helps feed, clean, and entertain the boy throughout the day while Dad keeps watch at night. She chooses Shay's meals—which involve a variety of cereals for breakfast, nutritional pastes for lunch, and various food pills for dinner—and follows him from room to room. Shay calls her 'Computer,' although she asks that he address her as 'Mom.'

In order to entertain Shay, Hope has created a variety of "missions" for Shay to solve, despite their being very juvenile in nature. These missions include saving a runaway train, investigating a gift-giving plant attached to the hull of the ship, eating a large ice cream avalanche, being attacked by... hugs, and once when Shay was eight saving people from a fire. These missions feature a variety of Yarn Pals in danger, all of whom she knitted herself. Once Shay rebels by purposely crashing the runaway train, Hope cancels all missions until further notice.

Although Shay is free to roam and takes advantage to secretly complete tasks set by Marek, Hope is still present in the main areas of the ship. Up on the bridge, Shay asks his mother (Hope Volta) several questions—including why he is alone on an overprotective ship—and she tells him a story about a girl who made a sacrifice with great sadness, implying that the girl was actually her. Many believe this sounds suspiciously like Vella's story, and that she may be Vella from the future. Another theory is that she was once a maiden that was sacrificed and was somehow transformed into the ship's AI. It's also possible that she is some kind of gestalt consciousness made out of all the maidens that have been sacrificed so far, which could be an explanation of why Mog Chothra continues to hunt maidens.

In Act II, it is revealed that the Overmother is actually Shay's real mother, Hope Volta, and not a computer AI.


Hope is shown to be protective to Shay to a large extent. She talks in a gleeful way and rarely gets angry at him. She knows that Shay is older, but she still treats him as if he is a child. If Shay does not make a choice on his own, such as the breakfast cereal options, she slowly begins to panic.


  • Hope Volta is named after Tim Schafer's mother, Gwen Hope.