Mog Chothra is an eldritch abomination that visits several villages in Broken Age in order to consume the girls they offer as sacrifices.

History Edit

Mogs are huge creatures that have visited several villages in Broken Age for almost a century. Every fourteen years, a new one emerges form beyond the Plague Dam to consume the people on the other side. The warrior village of Steel Bunting courageously fought back against the Mogs, but Levina Clench sought a less violent solution. She urged the people of Steel Bunting to give up their warlike ways in favor of becoming a baking town, eventually convincing them that the Mogs will leave their village in peace if they merely receive a few sacrificial girls every fourteen years.

In time, Steel Bunting renamed itself Sugar Bunting and embraced their new culture of baking. Instead of reaching for their weapons every time a Mog was due to appear, they built a elaborate arena for the maidens chosen to be sacrificed. In every village, it was soon seen as a great honor to be eaten by a Mog; the girls would forever be known as heroes that protected their village from a Mog's destruction. This event came to be known as the Maiden's Feast and was treated as a celebration.

Biography Edit

Act I Edit

Mog Chothra, the latest in a long line of "distinguished" Mogs, visits the town of Meriloft first to collect its sacrificial maidens. Mog Chothra eats every girl except one before moving on to the town of Sugar Bunting. Once there, it eats the sacrifices one at a time until it tries to consume one named Vella. Struggling out of its grip, Vella fights back and manages to escape on a large bird. Levina wails that Vella has doomed the entire village to the Mog's wrath, but to everyone's surprise, it just leaves without destroying anything.

Undeterred, Mog Chothra continues on to the village of Shellmound. Again, it eats the sacrifices until Vella again fights back. This time, she blasts it with a massive death ray she constructed from the remains of the crashed spaceship of Shellmound's Dead Eye God. Shooting its eyes, tentacle-like arms, and finally, a direct hit to its throat, Mog Chothra can't endure any more and crashes to the ground.

When Vella examines its remains, she's thunderstruck to discover that Mog Chothra isn't a living being at all: its a giant machine. She's even more astonished when a boy about her age stumbles out. Believing him to be responsible for kidnapping maidens, she throws a punch at him. However, he dodges and she loses her balance, falling into the belly of the mechanical beast.