Sugar bunting

Sugar Bunting is the hometown of Vella in Broken Age. The village is a home to a wide variety of residents. It used to be called "Steel Bunting" around 400 years ago and was noted by Alex to have thought to have a lot of "badasses". According to Brommel, Sugar Bunting had once rebelled against Mog Chothra, but became a town of softies. Sugar Bunting is now a town of bakers. Their method for the Maiden's Feast is to create wearable cake/dresses for the maidens until Velouria Beastender Tartine (Vella) rebelled against the maiden sacrifice tradition.

Residents Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Sugar Bunting used to be called "Steel Bunting".
  • Sugar Bunting is filled with bakers.
  • Sugar Bunting was the first town to rebel against Mog Chothra in 300 years.